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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth, clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enters your conscience and clearly heard.

2020/12/24 (一)相見容易,相處也容易之3——不要從表面去看一個人,要從他原本的佛心、歡喜心、慈悲心,他原本圓滿光亮的心去看,這才是擁有正知、正見的人。修道是自己的事,辦道是大家共同來辦理的事,不管修與辦,徒兒的心境都要保持始終如一,而不是心隨境轉,遇挫折則止,遇熱鬧又熱絡起來,那不是道喔!在日常生活中,與自己的相處,要能做到心境上的調適,把道融入生活中,保持道心的持恆穩定。如果徒兒們為人處事各方面都做得很好,大家對你的印象是百分之百的好,可是一遇到心情不好時,便敷衍了事,人家就要對你打起問號了。

(一)相見容易,相處也容易之 (3)

Seeing each other is easy, getting along is also easy

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Ji-Gong Living Buddha's Words of Compassion

Don't look at things from the surface when seeing a person, look at their Buddha Nature, joyous heart, compassionate heart

He originally looks with a full and bright heart. This is the person who has right mindset and right views. Cultivating Tao is one's own business, and propagating Tao is a mission we have to complete together

Regardless of cultivating or propagating, the disciple's heart must remain the same, instead of changing his mood according to the situation, or stopping when encountering obstacles, or becoming enthusiastic when encountering excitement

This is not Tao! We need to be able to adjust our heart and mindset in our daily lives, while interacting with others. We need to integrate Tao into our lives

Maintain the heart of Tao using perseverance and stability. If disciples are doing well in all aspects, everyone will have a great impression of you.

But if you are in a bad mood, you are just hasty, and people will question you.

道德經‧第三十三章Tao Te Ching Chapter 33 知人者智,自知者明。 勝人者有力,自勝者強。
Those who understand others are intelligent. Those who understand themselves are enlightened

Those who know contentment are wealthy Those who proceed vigorously have will power. Those who do not lose their base endure. Those who die but do not perish have longevity

Understanding others is wisdom, understanding yourself is intelligence Conquering others is power, conquering yourself is strength

Knowing that contentment is wealth, persistence is ambition Not losing the fundamentals can be long, the cycle of life and death is longevity


Keep your original intention when cultivating Tao, Maintain a sincere and pure heart

至誠即無分別,純善心量就廣, 心量廣自然看到不好的會包容,
Sincerity means no difference, a pure kind heart is having a big heart With a big heart, means when you naturally see the bad, you will tolerate

If you see good, you will be happy, Use a joyous heart to cultivate and propagate Tao, to practice daily and holy affairs


善的力量 摘自<人間福報> 用忍耐的力量處眾,
The Power of Good is from "Blessings in the World" Use the power of patience to see the world

用擔當的力量負責, 用親和的力量待人, 用禪定的力量安心。
Use the power of responsibilities to be responsible. Use the power of affinities to treat others Use the power of meditation to relax your heart

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

Basic homework:

( 1 ) 叩首 Kow - shou
( 2 ) 讀經 Reading Sutra
( 3 ) 運動 Exercise
( 4 ) 持無字真經 Practicing the Heavenly Password

1. 常來佛堂學好禮節
Come to Temple often and learn the etiquette

2. 渡人吃素清口安壇
Propagate Tao , Being vegetarian diet , Make vegetarian vow , Establish Temple

3. 管好自己改變自己
Self - discipline , change ourselves

心若改變 , 態度就會改變
Changing the mind , the attitude will be altered

態度 改變 , 習慣 就會改變
Changing the attitude , the habits will be altered

習慣改變 , 人生就會改變
Changing habits , the life will be altered

♦︎ 如何懺悔迴向 (1)
作揖,跪,求明明上帝慈悲十叩首,求諸天神聖慈悲五叩首,餘蘊 (信士) ○○○ 虔心跪在老母蓮前,跪求老母大慈大悲諸佛菩薩護持;凡人六萬年來,今生今世因一切的無明造作,傷害了身旁很多的人、動物、四生六道的眾生,讓你們身心靈,痛苦煎熬,一切都是我的錯,我在老母蓮前,向你們懺悔求饒,請你們原諒我,並護持我,讓我身體健康平安的修辦道、財施、法施、無畏施、三施並進,並將所做的一切功德,都迴向給你們,讓我們共沾天恩師德,將我們的惡緣化做善緣,並在佛光普照,佛力的加持下,大家一起離苦得樂,往生淨土。求明明上帝慈悲一千叩首。

♦︎ 如何懺悔迴向 (2)

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