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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/11/25 (二)身、口、意,三業要清淨之5——修道要涵養氣質,切不可深藏心機,這就有愧於修道的名了,要記得「養德」,望徒兒們能朝這目標去做,修、修身、修口、修意,修去一切不正的,懂嗎!大家已經求了道,接下來所需要的就是一個「行」字!只有「行」,才能創造天經地義之德,才能成就聖賢仙佛之偉業,記住了!一分耕耘,一分收穫,有耕耘才有收穫,這徒兒們也都知道。為師要講的是,每一位徒兒想要採收「成功歡笑的果實」,就要勤於耕耘。

(二)身、口、意,三業要清淨之 (5)

People's body, mouth, wills; the three behaviors should be clean

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The practice to Tao must nurture temperament, must not hide scheming. If this is the case, it is ashamed of the name ";The practice to Tao";. My disciples,

Remember to ";raise virtue";, hope that the disciples can have this as goal,

修心、修身、修口、修意, 修去一切不正的。懂嗎?大家已經求了道,接下來所需要的就是一個「行」字!
Ameliorate your heart, your body, your mouth and your mind, ameliorate all bias. Understood?Everyone received Tao, the next step is to ";act"; on it.

只有「行」,才能創造天經地義之德, 才能成就聖賢仙佛之偉業,記住了!
Put in ";action"; is the only way to achieve and accomplish the path to Bodhisattva, remember that!

一分耕耘,一分收穫, 有耕耘才有收穫,這徒兒們也都知道。
No pain, no gain. You can only gain after hard work, all disciples should know this.

為師要講的是,每一位徒兒想要採收「成功歡笑的果實」, 就要勤於耕耘。
What I want to tell you is, if a disciple wants to harvest the ";fruit of successful happiness";, then you have to work hard.

Zhuge Liang. An admonition to my son

夫君子之行,靜以修身,儉以養德。This is a way of life for a man of virtue: to cultivate his character by
keeping a peaceful mind, and nourish his morality by a frugal living.

Only freedom from vanity can show one's lofty goal of life; and only peace of mind can help him to achieve something really lasting

A gentleman's behavior and ethics are to improve his self-cultivation from tranquility and to cultivate his moral character through thrift.

If you are not calm and wanting, you will not be able to clearly define your ambitions, and it is not possible to achieve great goals without excluding external interference.


Learning, cultivating, preaching and propagating Tao is the process of cultivating the Tao.

學道在日常,修道在心腸, 講道在性上,辦道在道場, 行道在道上。
Learning Tao is in daily life, cultivating Tao is in the heart, preaching Tao in the mind, propagating Tao in the Tao society, and practicing on the way of Tao.

實踐知行合一,從磨鍊中開展智慧, 體現「生命有限、慧命無期」,
Practice the unity of knowledge and action, and develop wisdom from tempering. Reflect ";life is limited, but our spirit will always remain";,

Start an enriching Tao life, and co- organe Three Worlds events. (To propagate Tao all around the world and devote ourselves to the last salvation.)


濟公活佛慈語:生命的主權掌握在自己的手中, 每個人的人生價值觀皆不同,
Jigong Living Buddha's kind words: The sovereignty of life is in your own hands. Everyone has different life values.

繪出來的人生藍圖、劇本也就不同,若能夠不斷的付出、奉獻, 人生價值將無可限量。
The blueprints and scripts of life are also different. If you can continue to contribute and dedicate, the value of life will become unlimited.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

Basic homework:

( 1 ) 叩首 Kow - shou
( 2 ) 讀經 Reading Sutra
( 3 ) 運動 Exercise
( 4 ) 持無字真經 Practicing the Heavenly Password

1. 常來佛堂學好禮節
Come to Temple often and learn the etiquette

2. 渡人吃素清口安壇
Propagate Tao , Being vegetarian diet , Make vegetarian vow , Establish Temple

3. 管好自己改變自己
Self - discipline , change ourselves

心若改變 , 態度就會改變
Changing the mind , the attitude will be altered

態度 改變 , 習慣 就會改變
Changing the attitude , the habits will be altered

習慣改變 , 人生就會改變
Changing habits , the life will be altered

♦︎ 如何懺悔迴向 (1)
作揖,跪,求明明上帝慈悲十叩首,求諸天神聖慈悲五叩首,餘蘊 (信士) ○○○ 虔心跪在老母蓮前,跪求老母大慈大悲諸佛菩薩護持;凡人六萬年來,今生今世因一切的無明造作,傷害了身旁很多的人、動物、四生六道的眾生,讓你們身心靈,痛苦煎熬,一切都是我的錯,我在老母蓮前,向你們懺悔求饒,請你們原諒我,並護持我,讓我身體健康平安的修辦道、財施、法施、無畏施、三施並進,並將所做的一切功德,都迴向給你們,讓我們共沾天恩師德,將我們的惡緣化做善緣,並在佛光普照,佛力的加持下,大家一起離苦得樂,往生淨土。求明明上帝慈悲一千叩首。

♦︎ 如何懺悔迴向 (2)

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