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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/11/23 (二)身、口、意,三業要清淨之3——你們現在不是每個人都説要美化環境、美化家庭嗎?有沒有想過要美化心境?美化你自己和每一個人的心境,更進一步去美化你的整個人生。還記得求道時,不是叫你們要存好心、説好話、做好事嗎?説好話是美化言語,做好事是美化行為,存好心就是美化你們的心境。美化面容,臉上就沒有嗔怒,滿面笑容,而不是在外表上做美容。相由心生,你的心是美的,面相就不會醜到哪兒去。簡單的講,就是要去美化言語、美化行為、美化心境,再美化為更簡單的滿口好話、滿手好事、滿心的歡喜,再讓你的歡喜去感染別人。這根本要抓得住,而不是在枝末上用功夫,這就是心的作用。所以説,修道修心,要美化心境,這個心須純正,聽懂嗎?

(二)身、口、意,三業要清淨之 (3)

People's body, mouth, wills; the three behaviors should be clean

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Don't you all talk about beautifying the environment and beautifying your family now? But have you ever thought about beautifying your state of mind?

美化你自己和每一個人的心境, 更進一步去美化你的整個人生。還記得求道時, 不是叫你們要存好心、說好話、做好事嗎?
Beautifying your and every single person's heart, and will beautify your entire life. Do you remember when you received Tao, we told you to: " have a good heart, say good things, and do good deeds?"

說好話是美化言語, 做好事是美化行為, 存好心就是美化你們的心境。
Saying good things is to beautify words, doing good deeds, and beautifying behavior, and having a good heart beautifies the state of mind.

美化面容, 臉上就沒有嗔怒, 滿面笑容, 而不是在外表上做美容。
Beautify your face by not having any angry expressions, but instead have a smile fill your face, not just a slight smile for appearance.

相由心生, 你的心是美的, 面相就不會醜到哪兒去。
Your appearance is determined by your heart, your heart is beautiful and your appearance will not fall far from the beauty.

簡單的講, 就是要去美化言語、美化行為、美化心境, 再美化為更簡單的滿口好話、滿手好事、滿心的歡喜, 再讓你的歡喜去感染別人。
Simply put, it is to beautify words, beautify behavior, beautify the state of mind, and then beautify for a simpler mouth full of good words, full of good things, full of joy, and then let your joy to infect others.

這根本要抓得住, 而不是在枝末上用功夫, 這就是心的作用。所以說, 修道修心, 要美化心境, 這個心須純正, 聽懂嗎?
The roots of this practice should be mastered, not spent on trivial things, which is the role of the heart. Therefore, the main practice lies in the cultivation of the heart, to beautify the state of mind, this heart must remain pure, understand?

故事-相由心生有一位名叫裴度的人。他年少時生活貧困, 苦難的日子讓他心裡很是折磨, 他內心中充滿了很多負面情緒。
There's a person named Pei Du. When he was young, he was poor and suffered from lots of obstacles. His heart was full of negative emotions.

有一天, 一位高人從他面前過, 看了一眼他的面相, 覺得他日後肯定有橫禍。
One day, a wise man passed by him and saw from his face, that his future is full of misfortunes.

高人就勸阻他, 希望他努力行善, 改變自己的心態。裴度聽了他的話, 果然依教奉行,
The Wise Man convinced Pei Du to do good deeds and change his heart's intent. Pei Du heard this and did as the Wise Man said.

He then saw the Wise Man again. The Wise Man saw Pei Du's face has begun to change.

裴度的面相之所以有改變, 是因為他努力行善, 從內心散發出了陽光氣息, 而相由心生。
Pei Du's face changed because he began to work hard on doing good deeds, from this, his inner heart out of the sunshine, changing his looking.


其實相由心生就是要告訴人們, 不管什麼時候, 心中都要向善,
In fact, people's faces are created from the heart, this matter is to tell people: regardless of when, it is important to have a good heart.

心中要充滿正能量, 這樣才會越來越好, 生活才會越過越快樂。
Our heart should be full of positive energy, then it will be better and our lives will be filled with more happiness.

若一個人內心散發美, 他的儀容外表也會跟著美, 也是會充滿著正能量的。
If a person's inner heart emits beauty, his appearance will follow the beauty, and be full of positive energy.


一、說好話是美化言語, 做好事是美化行為, 存好心是美化心境。
1. Saying good things is to beautify words, doing good deeds, and beautifying behavior, and having a good heart beautifies the state of mind

二、不輕視小善、不縱容小惡, 修行從美化內心的念頭開始。
2. Don't underestimate small good deeds, don't condone small evil acts. Cultivating starts with the idea of beautifying the heart.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

Basic homework:

( 1 ) 叩首 Kow - shou
( 2 ) 讀經 Reading Sutra
( 3 ) 運動 Exercise
( 4 ) 持無字真經 Practicing the Heavenly Password

1. 常來佛堂學好禮節
Come to Temple often and learn the etiquette

2. 渡人吃素清口安壇
Propagate Tao , Being vegetarian diet , Make vegetarian vow , Establish Temple

3. 管好自己改變自己
Self - discipline , change ourselves

心若改變 , 態度就會改變
Changing the mind , the attitude will be altered

態度 改變 , 習慣 就會改變
Changing the attitude , the habits will be altered

習慣改變 , 人生就會改變
Changing habits , the life will be altered

♦︎ 如何懺悔迴向 (1)
作揖,跪,求明明上帝慈悲十叩首,求諸天神聖慈悲五叩首,餘蘊 (信士) ○○○ 虔心跪在老母蓮前,跪求老母大慈大悲諸佛菩薩護持;凡人六萬年來,今生今世因一切的無明造作,傷害了身旁很多的人、動物、四生六道的眾生,讓你們身心靈,痛苦煎熬,一切都是我的錯,我在老母蓮前,向你們懺悔求饒,請你們原諒我,並護持我,讓我身體健康平安的修辦道、財施、法施、無畏施、三施並進,並將所做的一切功德,都迴向給你們,讓我們共沾天恩師德,將我們的惡緣化做善緣,並在佛光普照,佛力的加持下,大家一起離苦得樂,往生淨土。求明明上帝慈悲一千叩首。

♦︎ 如何懺悔迴向 (2)

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