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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/10/01 (三) 三寶心法,超生了死之2——三官大帝慈語:守玄之修法,現今白陽弟子最通用之門。故二六時內,無論行住坐臥,屏息諸緣,輕提心念,專注於玄關一點,久久功純,守而無守,也能離妄顯真。不過守玄之過程中,會有許多幻境會出現,千萬不可當真。譬如看著天堂光景,或見菩薩往來,或親睹自己識神出入,這些景千萬不可放在心上,否則以此沾沾自喜,以此傲人誇人,則易走火入魔。此守玄固然是斂心息念的方便法門,然而務必要有明人或明師指點,以防「識神用事,認假為真」,切忌自行摸索,弊多利少也!

(三) 三寶心法,超生了死之 (2)

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The practicing of focusing on the portal (Xuanguan) is most applicable for disciples of the Baiyan era.

The method can be practiced anywhere anytime, calmly focus at the point of the portal, and through enough practice, it can remove us from delusion and lead us closer to the truth.

However, in the process of practice, we may encounter several illusionary experiences, remember not to take them as what's real.

譬如看著天堂光景,或見菩薩往來, 或親睹自己識神出入……,
For example there may be light, or you may see the image of a buddha or a loved one, or even seeing yourself detaching from your body.

These scenes must not be taken seriously, otherwise attachment towards such occurrences will easily misdirect us

此守玄固然是歛心息念的方便法門, 然而務必要有明人或明師指點,以防「識神用事,認假為真」,
This method is good, but it is important to have an expert advice or a master to guide, in order to prevent "attachment towards these experiences, and believing what's false to be true"

Avoid trying to figure things yourselves, as it may do more harm than good!

classic beauty-The Great Learning

Wealth can decorate the house beautifully, virtue nourishes the body, so the gentlemen must be sincere.

「潤」means decorate, cultivate「胖」means stretching

A rich man, because of good economic conditions, so wealth can decorate the house beautifully.

一位修心的君子,因為內心真誠, 德就會在他的生命中展現出來,
A gentleman who cultivates his heart will show his virtue in his life because of his sincerity.

他就會表現出為心廣博和身體的舒展, 所以君子一定要讓內心變得真誠。
He will show broad-mindedness and the extension of the physical body, so a gentleman must make his heart sincere


Tao is the essence, and virtue is the application. Virtue is the embodiment of Tao, what a person thinks in his heart will show what he looks like.

Therefore, focusing mind on heavenly portal and meditation are all methods of cultivating the heart. Cultivate morality, concentration and wisdom, and inspire inner compassion and wisdom.

不可迷信外在神力,追求神通邪道, 否則是愈修愈偏。
Don't be superstitious about external divine power and pursue supernatural powers and evil ways, otherwise your cultivation will get worse and worse.


濟公活佛慈語:修行,要認理而修, 非盲目跟隨修辦, 人道圓滿,天道可成。
Ji gong Living Buddha's kind words: Cultivation, one must realize the truth and practice it. Do not follow the Tao seniors blindly. When humanity is perfect, Tao can be accomplished.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

Basic homework:

( 1 ) 叩首 Kow - shou
( 2 ) 讀經 Reading Sutra
( 3 ) 運動 Exercise
( 4 ) 持無字真經 Practicing the Heavenly Password

1. 常來佛堂學好禮節
Come to Temple often and learn the etiquette

2. 渡人吃素清口安壇
Propagate Tao , Being vegetarian diet , Make vegetarian vow , Establish Temple

3. 管好自己改變自己
Self - discipline , change ourselves

心若改變 , 態度就會改變
Changing the mind , the attitude will be altered

態度 改變 , 習慣 就會改變
Changing the attitude , the habits will be altered

習慣改變 , 人生就會改變
Changing habits , the life will be altered

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