An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/06/15(5)體念親心, 即時行孝道之4——你們都知道「百善孝為先」,你修道不顧家庭是錯誤的。所謂「一子得道,九玄七祖沾光;一子成道,九祖昇天」,你父母在世時,為何不渡他們呢?現在有沒有一個心想渡父母?有,可是不知從何渡起?(要從我們自己修身養性、自己的品德修養做起,感動我們的長輩、我們的親朋好友。)這些話說起來都很容易,只是許多當子女的,就是很奇怪,無法對自己的父母親和顏悅色,怎麼辦?繼續發脾氣嗎?不知道怎麼做的話,就想想你來佛堂的時候,人家是怎麼侍奉你的,你就怎麼回去侍奉他們,還要同樣的真心真意,這樣才會有效果。

(5)體念親心,即時行孝道 之4
Understanding parents' intentions, and to act filial piety-4

You may all know of all virtues; filial piety comes first. It is incorrect to neglect your family while practicing Tao.

所謂「一子得道,九玄七祖沾光; 一子成道,九祖昇天」,
The saying that when a child receives Tao, nine future generations and seven ancestral generations will be blessed; and when a child attains Tao, nine ancestral generations will rise to heaven.

Why don't you persuade your parents to be receive Tao while they are still alive?

現在有沒有一個心想渡父母?有, 可是不知從何渡起?
Do you have the heart to encourage your parents to receive Tao? Yes, but don't know where to start?

(We start from cultivating ourselves, establishing our virtues, and influence our friends and family with our good deeds)

These words are easy to say, but many people have a good attitude towards their parents. How should we move forward?

繼續發脾氣嗎?不知道怎麼做的話, 就想想你來佛堂的時候,人家是怎侍奉你的,
Do you continue your bad temper? If you don't know how to communicate, think back on the time how people treated you at the temple.

You go back home and treat your parents just as the way you were treated at the temple with the same degree of sincerity. You will succeed by doing so.

故事  Story

In the 1971, there was a three- generation family,

The father was a small foreman at the factory, the mother did housework at home, took care of the family, and did some handcraft for additional income. Although the days were hard, it was still smooth.

有一天阿嬤問媽媽:最近工廠很忙嗎? 怎麼好久沒看到兒子回家一起吃飯?
One day the grandma asked the mother: Is the factory busy recently? Why I haven't seen my son home for dinner?

這時太太才發現,先生好像已經好久沒 有準時回家吃飯,可是薪水也沒有增加。於是她問了先生發生了什麼事?
The wife realized that her husband has not got on time for dinner for quite some time, however his salary has not increased. And so she asked him what happened?

沒想到,先生興奮且神秘地跟她說:我去道場學道了,而且描述了修道有多好, 在道場有多開心,
Unexpectedly, the husband excitedly and secretly told her that he went to the Tao society to learn about Tao, and described how good cultivating Tao was and how happy it is at the Tao society,

講得自己好像已經是神仙了, 並約好要帶太太去修道。
He spoke as if he was a deity, and promised his wife to take her there to also cultivate Tao.

The day had come when the husband took his wife to the Tao society early in the morning. When the husband arrived at the Tao society, he brought his wife to a seat and left for his duties.

His duties include arranging the tables and chairs, hand towels, greet Tao seniors, place slippers, and cleaning the environment. Looking at the always smiling husband,

the wife became doubtful that he is the same person since he never smiled or did chores at home. Is he really the same person?

太太因此失落地離開佛堂。回到了家, 阿嬤問她怎麼樣?她只說:道場是一個奇怪的地方。
Seeing such discrepancy, the wife left the temple disappointed. The grandma ask her what was the place like, she only replied that the Tao society is a strange place.

And is determined to unite whole family into preventing her husband from going to the temple again.

一個月過了,這位先生沒辦法去道場, 前輩帶了同修們來關心到底發生了什麼事?
After a month past where the husband wasn't able to go to the temple, some Tao seniors visited him to understand what happened?

前輩問這位先生,怎麼不去到場了呢? 先生據實以報 說全家反對所以沒辦法去。
Senior asked the husband why doesn't he visit the Tao society anymore? The husband reported that his whole family disapproves him going to the temple and that's why he wasn't able to go.

Senior asked his wife, under what conditions would she let her husband go to the Tao society?

太太說:如果他在家裡可以像在道場, 對待家人就像對待前賢一樣的態度,我就相信「修道」是真是好的。
The wife said: If he can be the same at home as at the Tao society and treat our family like the Tao seniors, then I'll believe that 「cultivating the Tao」is good.

於是前輩跟這位先生說:修道的可貴在於不斷反省自己, 改變自己,
So the senior said to the husband: The value of cultivating Tao lies in constantly introspecting yourself and changing yourself,

you treat your seniors kindly in the Tao society, but you should be even more kind to your family.  After all, your family is your closest bond, isn't?

From now on, you will focus on taking care of your family.  I hope you will come with your family when you return to the Tao society, is it okay?

After sending off his senior, this gentleman kept thinking about what his senior had asked. Soon, the wife came calling for dinner. After sitting down at the dinner table, he though what would he do if he was at the Tao society?

And thus he kindly greeted everyone to have the meal, and the atmosphere around the table suddenly warmed up.

After finishing the meal, the children got up and left, he said to the children: Mom is very tired after doing housework all day. Let us clean up the table and wash the dishes so that mom can rest.

等到家人們都在客廳追劇,他則是上樓拿出一本經書來研讀。這是前輩叮囑他雖然在家裡, 還是不忘要精進。
When the family was watching TV in the living room, he went upstairs and took out a scripture to study. This is what his seniors told him to keep improving even at home.

經過了好幾個月,家裡的氣氛 確實比以往要和樂溫馨許多。晚餐的時候,爺爺對著大家說:
After several months, the atmosphere at home is indeed more pleasant than before. At dinner, the grandfather said to everyone:

現在我相信「道」是真的,去問一下, 上次來我們家的那位先生,我們全家什麼時候可以去道場修道啊?
Now I believe that "Tao" is true. Go and ask the gentleman who came to our house last time, when can our whole family go to the Tao society and cultivate Tao?

省思  Reflection

行道或謗道,常常只在一線之間,今天我 們在道場了愿,要能得到家庭體諒、祝福,
Practice Tao or slander Tao, the difference is often just one thought. Today, we fulfill the vows in the Tao society, we must be considerate to our family

Cultivate together as a family is true cultivation. On the contrary, if we fulfill the vows at Tao society but caused contempt among family members; this would lead our family members to misunderstand Tao and led to their disapproval.

Analects of Confucius Wei Zheng: Zixia asked about filial piety.

Confucius said: 「When there are issues, the young take the burden;

When there is food and wine, the elder eats first; is this filial piety?」

子夏向孔子請教孝道。孔子說: 「最難得的是對父母和顏悅色! 有事情的時候,由子弟效勞;
Zixia asked Confucius for filial piety. Confucius said:「The most charishable thing is the amiable attitude towards parents! When there are things to be taken care of, the children bare the burden;

有酒飯的時候,讓父兄享用; 難道這就算是孝了嗎?」
When there is food and wine, let the father and brother enjoy first; Is this considered filial?」

結論 Conclusion


  1. Proper respect and concern between husband and wife.

二、對待家人要「敬長慈幼」。如果每一個家庭都能如此, 擴而大之,終能邁向世界大同。

  1. Treat family members by respecting elders and caring for the younger. If every family can do this, it will grow and become bigger, and eventually it will move towards world harmony.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

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