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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/06/14(5)體念親心, 即時行孝道之3——老吾老以及怎麼樣?(以及人之老) 。好,是什麼意思?(先孝敬自己的父母親,然後再去照顧別的老人),那你是老吾老以及人之老,還是只會老人之老?你在道場做一個模範棟樑,回到家裡後又怎麼樣了呢?是不是出外行王道,在家行霸道?你們是不是這麼做呢?現在你在這裡行王道,前面的人要你坐挺你就坐挺,要你反省你就反省,百分之百的遵從,百依百順,然而,回到各自熟悉的環境之後,是原形畢露呢?還是恢復本來?(原形畢露)。那我們還堪稱為一個修道人嗎?尤其你們現代人,更要注重孝道。以往當父母的養十幾個孩子都不嫌苦,現在生得少,更需要做榜樣給後輩看。水滴同源,慎終要追遠啊!不能讓父母墜落地獄,而自己回理天去獨享樂啊!

(5)體念親心,即時行孝道 之3
Understanding parents' intentions, and to act filial piety-3

The proverb says: Respect our elders and what's next? (And respect other elders.) Okay, what does it mean?

(Respect our parents first, and then take care of other elders). Do you respect both, or do you only respect other elders?

At the temple you are a role model, but what happens when you get home? Is it that you practice benevolence outside but at home you're a bully?

Is this the case? Now you're following kindness and justice here, and the people in front of you want you to sit up straight and you sit up straight obediantly.

They want you to introspect, you are 100 percent compliant and obedient.

然而,回到各自熟悉的環境之後, 是原形畢露呢?還是恢復本來?(原形畢露)。
However, when back to your familiar environment, your true or original self starts to show?

那我們還堪稱為一個修道人嗎? 尤其你們現代人,更要注重孝道,
Can we still call ourselves a Tao cultivator if this is the case? Specifically people nowadays should also pay more attention to filial piety.

以往當父母的養十幾個孩子都不嫌苦, 現在生得少,更需要做榜樣給後輩看。水滴同源,慎終要追遠啊!
In the past, parents would raise up to ten children and would not complain. Now that there's less children per household, we must further exemplify the spirit and be a role model for future generations.

We cannot just care of ourselves and go to heaven while letting our parents be trapped in hell!

故事 Story

很多年前的冬天一次冷鋒過境, 溫度降到攝氏6度左右,在台灣的冬天很難得會冷到這麼低的溫度,
Several years ago, there was a harsh winter in Taiwan where the temperature was -6 degrees celcius. It is very uncommon to have such cold weather in Taiwan.

一位才剛到公司上班的女孩小芬, 因為隔天有很重要的會議,睡前想 設定鬧鐘,才發現鬧鐘電池沒電了。
Xiaofen, a girl who has just started working at the company found out that the alarm is out of battery, but she need tot set the alarm for an important meeting tomorrow.

當年還是手機不普遍的時代,但是小芬又懶得出門去買電池,就打了 一個電話給媽媽,交代媽媽隔天早上  6點打電話叫她起床,
At that time, mobile phones were not very common, and Xiaofen is too lazy to go out to buy the battery, so she called her mother and told her to call her at 6 in the morning to wake her up.

當時媽媽睡眼惺忪地聽了女兒這麼說, 啞著聲音直截了當回答說:「好的,妳放心媽會記得打電話」。
At that time, her mother was sleeping, and after listening to her daughter's words, she answered in a straight voice dumbly:「Ok, you can rest assured that mom will remember to call」.

The sky was still dark the next morning, Xiaofen was sleeping and dreaming. The phone rang at 5:45, which awakened her dream,

she looked at the sky still dark, squinted at the clock and realize that it was still 15 minutes before 6 o'clock.

就抱怨母親說:「媽,妳也拜託, 這麼冷的天氣,還要15分鐘才6點,上班很辛苦,妳也讓我多睡一會嘛! 幹嘛這麼早打電話吵醒我啊!」
She complained to her mother and said: 「 Mom, please, such a cold weather, there is 15 minutes before 6 o'clock, work is tiring, you should let me sleep a little longer!  Why call me so early to wake me up!」

媽媽在電話那頭突然不說話了! 小芬掛電話後勉強起來梳洗好就出門了。天氣真的很冷。
Mom was on the phone and suddenly stopped talking! After hanging up the phone, Xiaofen forced herself to get out of bed and freshened up to go to work. The weather was really cold.

Xiao Fen stomped on the platform beside the bus stop. It was very dark outside, and standing next to Xiaofen at the bus stop were two elders.

她聽著老先生對老太太說:「你看你一晚都沒睡好,早幾個小時就開始催我, 現在要等這麼久!」
She heard the old gentleman say to the old lady: 「 You see you haven't slept well all night. You started urging me a few hours earlier, now we have to wait so long! 」

Xiaofen thought: 「Yes! The first bus will arrive in 6 minutes.」Finally, the bus came. As soon as Xiaofen got on the bus, the young driver immediatly drove the bus to leave the station.

Xiaofen hurriedly said: 「 Driver, there are two elderly people that did not get on the bus!  The weather is so cold, they have been waiting for a long time, why do you have to drive away without waiting for them to get in the car?」

那年輕司機開心回答:「沒關係, 他們是我的父母,我今天第一天 上班開車,他們很高興來看我!」
The young driver answered happily:「 It doesn't matter, they are my parents, Today is my first day at work, they came to see me!」

Xiao Fen suddenly cried as soon as she heard it, thinking that mom must haven't slept well all night. She would wake up very early,

afraid that daughter would be late, so call early, and felt she did not appreciate enough the love that parents have for their children!

As soon as Xiaofen arrived at the company, she immediately called and apologized to her mother. She said that she just got up and was in a bad mood and hoped her mother would forgive her.

做媽媽的永遠疼愛自己的女兒, 對女兒說:「沒關係!沒關係, 上班要緊,趕快去準備開會!」
A mother who always loves her daughter, she said to her daughter:「 It's ok! It's ok, it's important to go to work, hurry up and prepare for the meeting!」

省思  Reflection

Filial piety is not a matter of reason, but an intimate interaction in the details of life. Why is the relationship with parents important?

孝敬和孝順有什麼不同呢?很多人可能不知道怎麼樣孝敬父母? 其實設身處地為父母親著想,這就是孝敬!
What is the difference between filial respect and filial piety? Many people may not know how to respect their parents? If you put yourself in for your parents' shoes, this is filial respect!

身為一個孝順的子女一定要知道, 這一輩子,能無條件為你付出,又不求回報的人只有父母,
As a filial child, you must know that in this life, the only people who would give unconditionally without asking for return are your parents.

所以請不要抱怨父母的嘮叨, 設身處地為父母親著想,感恩 養育之恩,這才是真正的孝啊!
So please don't complain about your parents' nagging, always think about your parents. Thank them for their nurturing grace, this is true filial piety!

結論  Conclusion

《Xiao Jing》Confucius said: 「Filial piety is the root of all virtue and is the start of which grows all moral teaching.」

俗云「生前一粒豆,卡贏死後拜 豬頭」,珍惜父母在世克盡孝道。
As the saying goes: 「 a bean while alive is better than a pig head after death.」Cherish the opportunity to be filial to your parents when they are alive.

Don't leave regrets in your life that 「The tree wants to remain quiet, but the wind won't stop blowing; the son wants to serve his parents in their old age, but they are no longer alive」.

工作事業再忙碌,也要撥一點時間, 花一點心思關心父母親。
No matter how busy your work is, you should set aside some time to care for your parents.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

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