An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/06/01(4)歡喜甘願 做個好媳婦之2——濟公活佛慈語:就算想一心修道,也要聖凡兼顧,把家庭照顧好,不要引起別人的誤會,又影響道場的名譽。妳如果做媳婦的本份守不好,婆婆要妳每天待在家裡,妳待不住,妳或許會說:「每個人都有自由,為何叫我待在家?」徒啊,為什麼不換個角色想想,如果妳是身為婆婆的,妳會喜歡妳的媳婦成天往外跑嗎?換個角度想想,就圓滿了。做人苦,「苦」是因為人心貪慾重,不知足、不惜福,所以就老是感覺人生充滿了很多苦,你若能知足,就可以輕鬆地走完人生,千萬不要用那麼多計較的心,你的人生才可以過得很平靜,也不會有那麼多的風風雨雨,不會有這麼多的人無法與你相處了。


To be happy and willingly, be a good daughter in law.-2


Even if you want to be dedicated in practicing Tao, you must strike a balance between Tao and everyday life and properly care for your family.

不要引起別人的誤會,又影響道場的名譽。妳如果做媳婦的本分守不好, 婆婆要妳每天待在家裡,妳待不住,
Don't cause other people's misunderstanding, as well as affecting the reputation of Tao society. If you're not fulfilling your role as a daughter in law, your mother-in-law would want you to stay at home everyday, which you won't be able to accept.

You might say, "Everyone should have their own freedom, why do you insist me to stay home?" My disciples, why don't you think about it from another perspective.

If you were a mother-in-law, would you like your daughter-in-law to be out all day long? Think of it from another angle and you would understand.

To be human is to suffer, and "suffering" stems from our own greed, insatiable desire, being unthankful; these are the reason why one would always feel that life is full of a suffering.

你若能知足,就可以輕鬆地走完人生, 千萬不要用那麼多計較的心,你的人 生才可以過得很平靜,
If you can be satisfied, you can easily walk through life; stop nitpicking and you can live a peaceful life.

They would then be less of turbulence in your life, and your relationship with others would improve as well.

故事   story

「You also watch baseball!?」While I was running on the treadmill,

一邊在看棒球賽,看得聚精會神時, 有人跟我說話,讓我嚇了一跳。
I was watching a baseball game, and when I watched it, I was startled when someone talked to me.

原來是與我同一個健身房,數面之緣的張先生,他在旁邊的跑步機,也在看棒球 轉播,我太專注了,沒注意熟人就在身旁。
It turned out that Mr. Zhang who we had met a few times at the same gym. He is on the treadmill beside me watching baseball as well. I was too focused and did not notice he was beside me.

Mr. Zhang is the boss of a company and a gentle and humble person. He once said that his daily entertainment is to read the Four Books and the Five Classics, write calligraphy, and go to the gym.

他太太偶爾也會來,但從不運動, 只愛在女子三溫暖裡頭大聲聊天, 個性很熱情,但有時候挺呱噪的, 張先生顯得沈默許多。
His wife will come occasionally, but she never exercise and would only like chit chat at the women's sauna. Her personality is very outgoing, but sometimes it is very noisy, whereas Mr. Zhang seems much quiet.

我們聊了幾句有關棒球的話題, 他說出了他在棒球比賽中領悟的道理:
We talked about a few topics on baseball, and he shared what he learned in the game of baseball:

「 You may not know that when I was young, I often quarreled with my wife and quarreled for divorce. In the beginning I liked her kindness, enthusiasm and straightforwardness.

可是婚後,我發現直腸子也挺可怕的, 講話像飛機投炸彈,有時難免會炸到 不該炸的地方,我們動不動就吵起來。
But after marriage, I found that being too direct of a person is inappropriate. When she talks, it's like a bomber jet dropping bombs and inflicting damage. Therefore we often get into arguments.

直到有一天看棒球,我忽然領悟 一個應答的理論:如果我是一個打擊手的話,總不該什麼球都打!
Until one day while watching baseball, I suddenly realized a theory of response; if I were a hitter, I should never bat just any ball!

應該要選好球才打,如果她投出壞球, 那麼我幹嘛一直揮棒呢?
I should choose a good ball to play. If she throws a bad ball, why should I keep swinging?

壞話就當沒聽見,她投偏了就會自知理虧,如果我球都打壞了 也會氣死自己。」
As if I pretend not to hear the bad things she said, she will soon realize that she pitched a bad ball and will reflect. But if I bat the ball, I will be mad at myself.」

I think Mr. Zhang's theory of good and bad ball is very interesting. Although pitchers and strikers are opposing teams, the metaphor might not be so suitable for marriage.

但拿這理論來看職場的人際關係, 還真有幾分道理。
But this theory really makes a lot of sense in looking at the interpersonal relationships at the workplace.

省思  Reflection 如果人家不喜歡你,而說出一些故意誣賴、栽贓、辱罵的話, 我們不需要猛力揮棒來回應,
If people don't like you and say something that is deliberately false, accusative or abusive, we don't need to swing your bat in response.

Because the ball is too bad, you will not hit a home run no matter how hard you try. If there was no reaction, it will be picked up by the opposing team, it is better to let it silently fall into the catcher's gloves.

On the baseball field, whether the ball thrown by the pitcher is good or bad, the batter has the right to choose the right ball to play.

But there are a lot of things in the relationship between people that are unreasonable.

Baseball in life is like a pitcher must throw ten balls no matter how good or bad the pitch is, and after ten balls are thrown, it is the end of the game.

In such a game, if the pitcher throws out ten balls that are all bad, so should the batter strike each every ball?

結論  Conclusion


    1. 「 Suffering 」 is because you don't know how to be satisfied and don't cherish what you already have. If you learn to be thankful and cherish your blessings, you will be satisfied in the face of life.

二、一場球賽,與其期望對手投好球, 不如改變自己,將每一顆壞球變成好球。

    1. In a ball game, instead of expecting the opponent to throw a good ball, it is better to change yourself and turn every bad ball into a good one.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

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