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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/05/31 (4)歡喜甘願 做個好媳婦之1——雲遊師姐慈語:身為人妻嫁過去了,理當要侍奉公婆,就像對自己父母一般,知道嗎?早晨起床先問好,灑掃庭除都 要做。別讓公婆以為娶了道場的女兒應該是修道的, 但是娶回來以後,怎麼會不對了呢?


To be happy and willingly, be a good daughter in law.-1


As a wife married into husband's hou sehold, one should serve the parents-i n-law just like your own parents, you know?

Get up in the morning to pay respect to elder and clean the household.

Don't let your parents-in-law be disa ppointed in having a daughter-in-law from Tao society, after all they have e xpectations thinking one from Tao so ciety are well cultivated and practicin g Tao.

Zhu Zizhi's  Family Motto

黎明即起 ,灑掃庭除 ,要內外整潔。
Get up immediately at dawn, sweep both the hall and porch, so that insid e and outside the house are tidy and clean.

既昏便息 ,關鎖門戶 ,必親自檢點。
Rest at dusk, and personally check w hether all doors are locked.

大清早 ,天還未亮 ,我們就該起床 ,灑掃庭院、台階時 ,必須做到內外要整齊 ,清潔。
Early in the morning, before dawn, we should get up. When sweeping th e courtyard and stairs, both inside a nd outside must be tidy and clean.

At dusk, when the sun will be set, it i s necessary to close the doors and ch eck whether it's locked. Can not negl ect one bit.

If a household is harmonious, despite br eakfast and dinner may be scanty, there will still be great happiness.

一個家庭,能和睦相處 ,其樂融融,即使三餐不繼 , 亦能享受到諧和之歡。
A family can live in harmony and enj oyment, even if the three meals are no t guaranteed, they can enjoy the har mony.

故事 Story

A man has lost his job. However he d id not let his wife know when he retu rned home and went out the next da y as if everything was normal.

He would make up stories to tell his wife about work. He made up stories about a kind new manager, and a be autiful intern…

When he was about to leave the hous e, his wife took him by the hand and helped him adjust his neckline.

The man took his briefcase and went on a bus. Three stops later, he arrive d at a park and sat there, saddened while watching the pigeons.

到了傍晚 ,男人換一副笑臉回家。他敲敲門 ,大喊:「我回來啦﹗」男人這樣堅持 5 天。
In the evening,the man returned ho me with a smile. He knocked on the d oor and shouted:「 I'm back! 」 The man insisted on this for five days.

5天後 ,他在一家很小的水泥廠找到一份短工。環境惡劣 ,飄揚的粉塵讓他的喉嚨總是乾的。
Five days later, he found a short-ter m job in a small cement factory. The environment was harsh, and the factory dust dried his throat.

勞動度很大,幹活的時候他累得滿身是汗。組長說 : 「你別幹了,你這身子骨不行。」
He worked very hard and was sweat ing all over his body while working. The team leader told him:  「 Just quit, your body can't take it. 」

男人說: 「我可以。」他緊咬了牙關 , 兩腿輕輕顫抖。
The man said :「 I can. 」He clenched his teeth tightly, his l egs trembling slightly.

男人全身沾滿濃濃的粉塵 ,下班後 ,男人在工廠匆匆洗個澡 ,換上筆挺西裝才回家。
The man was covered with thick dust. After work, the man hurriedly too k a shower in the factory and put on a straight suit before returning home.

他敲門 ,大聲喊: 「我回來啦 ! 」女人來開門。滿屋香味 ,
He knocked on the door and shouted:「 I'm back! 」His wife came to open the door. The house was filled with the smell of deli cious food.

在飯桌上女人問他 :「工作順心嗎?」他說 :「順心 ,新來的女大學生很漂亮。」
At the dinner table the wife asked him :「 Is the work going well? 」He said: 「 Everything is going well, the new female college student is very beautiful 」

女人聽了嗔怒 ,卻給男人夾了木耳。女人說: 「水開了 ,要洗澡嗎?」
The woman listened in anger, but nev ertheless added some wood ear fungu s to the man's plate. The woman said :「 The water is boiled; do you want to take a bath? 」

男人說 : 「洗過了 ,和同事洗完桑拿回來的。」飯後女人輕哼著歌 ,開始收拾碗碟。
The man said :「 I have taken a bat h and came back from the sauna with my colleagues. 」After the meal, the woman hummed t he song and started to clean up the dis hes.

男人心想 : 好險 , 差一點被識破。疲憊的男人匆匆洗臉刷牙 ,然後倒頭就睡。
The man thought to himself: That w as close, he always got found out. Th e tired man rushed to wash his face and brush his teeth, then fell asleep.

男人在水泥廠做了二十多天。快到月底了 ,他不知道那可憐的一點工資能不能騙過女人。
The man worked in the cement factor y for more than twenty days. It was al most the end of the month, and he did n't know if that poor salary would dec eive his wife.

晚飯後,女人突然說:「你別在那個公司上班了吧 ,我知道有個公司在徵人 ,幫你打聽了 ,所有的要求你都符合 ,明天去試試?」
After dinner, the woman suddenly sai d: 「 Stop working at that company, I know about a company looking to hi re. You meet all the requirements, wh y not try tomorrow? 」

男人一陣狂喜,說: 「為什麼要換 ? 」女人說: 「換個環境不很好嗎?再說這家待遇很不錯呢。」
The man burst into ecstasy and said,「 Why change? 」The woman said :「 Isn't it good to have a change in work environment?

The next day,the man went to apply,and was successfully admitted. He knew that all this could not be co ncealed from the woman forever.

或許從去水泥廠上班那天 , 女人就知道真相了。其實,當一個人愛著對方時,有什麼事能瞞過呢?
Perhaps the woman knew the truth fro m the day he went to work in the ceme nt plant. In fact, when a person loves each other, what is there to hide?

The man recalled that in the past t wenty days, every day, there was a plate of scrambled eggs with wood ear fungus. The man know that the fungus can clean the lungs.

The man in the dust needs a plate of s crambled eggs with fungus. Sometimes the wife will force him to e at two spoons of pear paste. The man think that is also part of his wife's con siderate planning.

結論    Conclusion

平時若能將心照顧在「愛」裡, 將這份愛的氣質自然發揮,就是良能的顯現,
Usually, if you can take care of your heart in  「 love 」 , then the natural display of this temperament of love is the manifestation of good energy,

This is the most beautiful goodness in life. Only good deeds that are done u nconsciously and unselfishly without thinking of anything in return is the

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

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