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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/05/28(3)互敬互諒,牽手做夫妻之13——我們要將「道」帶到這個婚姻裡面,然後影響所有週遭的人,讓他們知道修道的婚姻是如此的好,修道人的家庭是如此祥和。 所以,我修道要立一個模範,最簡單的, 就是立一個模範家庭。只要有道親到你家去查訪,家你隨時都乾乾淨淨、和和氣氣,隨時去都是這個樣子,那這個家庭就「有道」,對不對?這個家庭有資格談得上「修道」,對不對?




We're going to bring the Tao into this marriage and influence all the people around us.

Let them know that the marriage of p racticing with Tao is good, and a Tao family is particulary peaceful.

So, we who practice Tao should be a r ole model. The simplest form is to est ablish a model family.

The home is clean at all times, and ful l of kindness; this is what the home lo oks like whenever guests visit.

As such the family is considered "havi ng Tao", right? This family is qualifie d to talk about "practicing Tao", righ t?

故事 Story

有一位老先生和一位老太太已經結婚六十多年 , 他們常彼此分享任何事並且無話不說 ,
An old man and an old lady have bee n married for over 60 years. They often share everything with eac h other and there's nothing that they won't talk about,

他們之間並不存在任何秘密 , 只有一件事例外。就是老太太衣櫃上方有一個鞋盒 ,她不准老先生問起有關那個鞋盒。
except for one thing. There was a shoe box above the old l ady's wardrobe. She did not allow the old man to ask about that shoe box.

有一天 , 老太太生病很嚴重 , 而且醫生說她已無痊癒的機會了。
One day, the old lady was very sick, and the doctor said that she had no chance of recovery.

老先生在整理她的物品時 , 將鞋盒拿到床邊 , 她同意了此時已經是該讓老先生知道這件事的時候了。
When the old man  sorted out her be longings and got it by the bed, she a greed that it was time to let the old man know about it.

當老先生將盒子打開時 , 發現裡面放了兩個洋娃娃及厚厚一疊鈔票 , 共有三百多萬元。
When the old man opened the box, h e found that there were two dolls an d a thick stack of banknotes, totalin g more than three million dollars.

老先生問起有關這些東西的來由。老太太說:「當我們結婚的時候 ,
The old man asked about the reason s for these things. The old lady said:「 When we got married

我的祖母告訴我 , 婚姻幸福的秘訣 ,就是從來不爭吵 ,
my grandmother told me that the se cret to a happy marriage is to never quarrel,

她告訴我 , 無論何時 , 當我生氣的時候 , 應該保持沉默 , 並編織一個洋娃娃」。
She told me that whenever I am angry, I should keep silent and w eave a doll. 」

老先生聽了 , 感動得掉下眼淚。眼看只有兩個精美的洋娃娃在盒子裡 ,
The old man listened and was moved to tears. There were only two beautiful dolls i n the box.

就是說 , 從結婚那天開始 , 在這多年漫長的生活中 , 妳只對我生氣兩次 , 此時老先生內心高興萬分。
Meaning that since the wedding day, in these long years of life, you have o nly been angry with me twice. The old man is very happy.

老先生問:「親愛的 , 現在我已經知道這些洋娃娃是怎麼一回事了 ,而這些錢 , 又是怎麼一回事呢?」
The old man asked: 「 Honey, now I know what these dolls, what about the money ?」

老太太回答:「噢! 那是我賣掉其他洋娃娃賺來的錢....... 」
The old lady replied: 「Oh! That's t he money I made by selling other doll s 」

省思 Reflection

其實婚姻是將兩個生活模式完全不同的兩個人放在一起相處 ,
In fact, marriage is to put two people with completely different lifestyles to gether,

而相處過程中多少都會產生磨擦 ,在磨擦時兩人就該多溝通尋找出屬於兩人最適合的相處模式。
and more or less friction will occur i n the process of getting along. Durin g friction, the two should communica te more to find the most suitable way of getting along.

《大學》《 The great learning  》

古之欲明明德于天下者 , 先治其國﹔
The ancients who wanted to manifes t their bright virtue to all in the wor ld first governed well their own stat es.

欲治其國者 , 先齊其家﹔欲齊其家者 , 先修其身﹔
Wanting to govern well their states, they first harmonized their own cla ns. Wanting to harmonize their own cla n, they first cultivated themselves.

欲修其身者 , 先正其心﹔ 欲正其心者, 先誠其意﹔ 欲誠其意者 , 先致其知﹔
Wanting to cultivate themselves, the y first corrected their minds. Wanting to correct their minds, they first made their wills sincere. Wanting to make their wills sincere, they first extended their knowledge ;

釋義 Definition

想把自身美好德性彰顯於天下的人 ,首先要治理好自己的國家;
Those who want to show their own v irtue to the world must first govern t heir own country;

想要治理好自己的國家 , 先要管理好自己的家庭; 想管理好自己的家庭 ,先要提高自身的道德修養;
If you want to govern your country, you must first manage your family; If you want to manage your own fam ily, you must first improve your own moral cultivation;

想要提高自身的道德修養 ,先要端正自己的心態; 想要端正自己的心態 ,先要使自己的意念真誠;
If you want to improve your moral c ultivation, you must first correct you r mentality ; If you want to correct your mind, yo u must first make your thoughts sinc ere ;

想要使自己的意念真誠 ,就要先獲得知識; 想要獲得知識, 就要推究事物的根本道理。
If you want to make your thoughts si ncere, you must first acquire knowle dge; If you want to acquire knowledge, yo u must infer the fundamental truth o f things.

結論  Conclusion

一、修道的殊勝 , 就是能將「道」展現在家庭生活中。

  1. The special virtue of practicing Ta o is the ability to show 「 Tao 」 in family life.

二、萬法唯「心」 , 一切事的源頭 ,皆是從心而起。

  1. Out of all methods, there's only「heart 」, the source of everythi ng.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

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