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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

2020/05/27(3)互敬互諒,牽手做夫妻之12——總之,夫妻之間要能多為對方想一想,多用一點愛心,就不會有爭執,也才能夠相敬如賓。「相敬如賓」這句話不是理論,只要你忍一忍,我讓一讓,凡事不管你有理沒理,趕快停止,一個銅板就不會響,是不是?那麼,有一方一定要站起來,當一個成熟的 「大人」,等到心平氣和的時候,冷靜的來討論一下, 這一點,兩個人都要有這個共知,沒有這個共知的話,就不要結合在一起,懂嗎?彼此之間要能如切如磋、如琢如磨,在這個切磋琢磨當中,最重要的一點,就是「尊重」。只要能夠你尊重我、我尊重你,許許多多的不愉快,就可以因此而化解,是不是?




In a word,couples should be able to think for each other,show a more love and there will be no dispute; so that we can respect each other as a guest.

The phrase "respect as a guest" is not a theory,

As long as you put up with it,I are willing to step back,no matter whether you are reasonable or not,this will quickly stop the dispute. A single copper plate won't ring,does it?

Well,there must be a side to stand up and be a mature "adult",and to continue discussion only when there's a peace of mind.

這一點,兩個人都要有這個共知,沒 有這個共知的話,就不要結合在一起,懂嗎?
On this point,both husband and wife need to have consensus. Without such consensus,you rather not get married

The most important point of this situation is "respect" in which we can learn from each other and reflect.

As long as you respect me,I respect you,a lot of unpleasant matter can be resolved,right?

Respect each other

Definition: Husband and wife respect each other and treat each other as guests.

Provenance: Chunqiu.Zuo Qiuming The Zuozhuan. Duke Xi Thirty-three years.

In the Spring and Autumn Period,Duke Wen of Jin sent the scholar- official Usuji to other countries,

On the way Usuji saw the old minister of the son of former Jin dynasty official Chu Jui's son Chu Chiue was farming in the field. Usuji got out of the car to chat with Chu Chiue.

Here comes a woman who delivers food to Chu Chiue,she respectfully bowed to Chu Chiue,

Then she squatted down to take out the food from the basket,laid out the tableware and respectfully invited Chu Chiue to dine.

Chu Chiue paid courteously to the woman and introduced him to Usuji that she is his wife. The virtues of Chu Chiue's husband- and-wife impressed Usuji.

回國後,臼季對晉文公說:「卻缺和 妻子之間能夠相敬如賓,這說明他們是很有教養、很有德性的人。
After returning home,Usuji told Duke Wen of Jin:「Chu Chiue and his wife can respect each other,which shows that they are very educated and virtuous people.

A virtuous person must be able to govern the people. Duke Wen of Jin please to use him with confidence.」

Duke Wen of Jin was unhappy with Usuji recommendation,and said to Usuji:「His father is guilty,how can I use him?」

It turned out that Chu Chiue's father supported Duke Hui of Jin in the struggle for the throne between Duke Wen of Jin and Duke Hui of Jin brothers.

Usuji doesn't think so. He enlightened Duke Wen of Jin and said:「Chu Chiue's father is guilty and can't let him bear it.

如果您不記前嫌,讓他也得到機會施展自己的才幹,那麼天下的賢士 能人,必定更願意為晉國效勞了。」
If you forgive the previous wrongdoings and give him the opportunity to display his talents,then the world's talented people will be more willing to serve the Jin Kingdom.」

Duke Wen of Jin opened his mind and gladly accepted Usuji's suggestion to appoint Chu Chiue as a scholar-official.

省思  Reflection

婚姻生活中不只是相敬如賓,還要 能夠彼此信任,不但是給對方安全感,也是對彼此的尊重,
Marriage life is not only to respect each other,but also to be able to trust each other,

不但是給對方安全感, 也是對彼此的尊重,
Not only give each other a sense of security,but also respect each other,

Being together every day is like treating the guests with respect. Two people have their own personal space and give moderate freedom,so that it is really the ideal family relationship!

結論  Conclusion


  1. When interacting with people,be patient and courteous with each other. Don't forget the most important 「respect」.


  1. Listen to each other in life,praise and appreciate each other.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

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