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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.




How to manage your own Tao family

If the whole family can believe in Tao, this is a Tao family, a spiritual family.

處處小心,做好父母樣 - 1
As parents, be careful of our actions and be a good role model

As modern parents, even if you wish your children to be extraordinary in the future, they cannot be spoiled by any reason.

You still have to show the dignity that parents deserve. You must love with kindness as well as being strict;

No matter how capable or successful the children may be, they are nurtured and brought up by their parents.

The old saying: "there is no champion-teacher, but there are champion-disciples". However, having said that, the champion-disciples were also made by teachers.

Therefore, as a parent, the responsibility is indeed important!

Ten key points in life that mothers write to children.

關於目標:人可以沒有偉大理想, 但不能失去目標。
About the goal: t's okay not to have big dreams, but one cannot lose sight of their goals.

目標不一定要是在學校的成績, 但一定要給自己一個方向前進, 有了方向、目標,才有繼續生活的動力!
The goal does not have to be achievements in school, but you must give yourself a direction to advance; only with direction and goals will there be the motivation to move forward!

你有了目標, 生活也會待你殘酷, 但這些都是挑戰熬過了,你將會感謝自己!
If you have a goal, life will be cruel to you nonetheless, but these are challenges to survive, you will thank yourself!

關於定位在家裡, 獨生子女個個都像小皇帝, 但在學校,皇帝太多, 沒人會把你當回事!
About positioning: At home, all the single child are like little emperors, but at school, there are too many emperors, and no one will take you seriously!

社會也一樣, 要清楚知道自己在什麼場合該扮演什麼角色, 世界絕對不是只為你轉動、存在,
The same is true in society, you need to know clearly what role you should play on what occasion, the world does not revolve around you

你不瞭解自己的定位, 會決定別人怎麼看你, 你要別人瞧不起你還是尊重, 都靠自己負責。
Whether you understand yourself enough will affect how others think of you; you have sole responsibility on whether you want others to look down on you or respect you.

關於學習:在學校,學習是主要的,但不是唯一的, 以後同學會,會這樣比:
About learning: In school, learning is the main but not the only focus. In the future, classmates will compare like this:

20-year-olds compare education, 30- year-olds compare ability, 40-year- olds compare experience,  50-year- old compare finances,  60-year-olds compare health,  70-year-olds compare medical records,

80歲翻黃曆, 人生幾十載, 歸根到底就是比身體, 好好鍛鍊吧。
When reach the age of 80, one would notice that for decades in life, health is the most important aspect, so take train well.

關於未來: 一個人的未來由知識、能力、態度決定。
About the future: A person's future is determined by knowledge, ability, and attitude.

知識通過學習獲得, 能力在實踐中增長,而態度卻由習慣養成。
Knowledge is acquired through learning, ability grows in practice, but attitudes are formed by habits.

你在培養良好的習慣上, 缺乏持之以恆的精神。現在端正態度還來得及。未來, 希望你所做的一切, 是利已又利人。
You lack perseverance in developing good habits. It's not too late to correct your attitude. In the future, I hope that what you do is beneficial to yourself and others.

關於自己: 在學校, 老師沒有義務對你好, 除非你先尊重老師, 同學沒有義務關心你, 除非你先關心同學;
About yourself: At school, the teacher has no obligation to treat you well, unless you respect the teacher first; and the classmates have no obligation to care about you, unless you care about your classmates first;

在你的一生中, 也沒有人有義務要對你好, 除了我和你爸。
In your life, no one has an obligation to treat you well, except me and your dad.

不要以為世界少了自己, 地球就轉不了, 不要以為個人渺小, 就自我放棄和拋棄。
Don't think that the world stop spinning without you. Don't think that you are insignificant and therefore give up on yourself.

關於朋友: 記住,在朋友落難時, 一定要施以援手。因為,與自己一起笑過的人易忘記,
About friends: Remember, you must help when your friend is in trouble. Because people who we laugh with are easy to forget,

But those who cried together are the most memorable. Therefore provide timely help is more meaningful than icing on the cake.

關於戀愛: 有一天, 你是要談戀愛的, 我以過來人身份忠告:
About love: One day, you are going to fall in love, and as a person coming over, I advise:

The stroll in front of flowers and under the moon is always beautiful, sweet words are more charming, but don't forget the reality of wind, frost, rain and snow.

愛情無外乎—你愛她她不愛你,她愛你你不愛她,你和她彼此相愛。第三種情況無疑令人神往, 但機率不足10%。
Love is nothing more than—you love her, but she doesn't love you; she loves you, but you don't love her; you both love each other. The third situation is undoubtedly fascinating, but the probability is less than 10%.

因此, 不要過分憧憬愛情的美, 不要過分誇大失戀的悲。
Therefore, don't overestimate the beauty of love, and don't exaggerate the sorrow of broken love.

和漂亮的女人握握手, 和深刻的女人談談心, 和成功的女人多交流, 和普通的女人過日子。保持這樣的心態就好。
Make handshakes to beautiful women, have deep talks with memorable women, consult with successful women, and live with ordinary women. Just keep this mentality.

關於距離: 為人父母,誰都渴望與子女的距離短些,
About distance: As parents, we all desire a shorter distance from our children,

但隨著兒女的成長, 屬於你們的天空肯定會越來越廣闊, 與父母的空間距離與時間距離也肯定會越來越遠。
But as the children grow up, their world will grow larger, and the distance between them and their parents will become further apart.

做父母的, 當然特別在乎自己到底能夠占據兒女多大的天空位置!
Parents undoubtedly concerned about how much space are they accounted for in their children's world!

因為, 父母的天空與兒女的天空恰恰相反距離隨著一天天老去而變得愈來愈小。
Because the distance between the sky of parents and the sky of children is exactly the opposite.

關於得失: 一個人不可能永遠得意, 也不可能永遠失意, 得意時, 你要清醒,這個世界上有太多比自己厲害的人,
About gains and losses: One can't be proud forever, nor can be forever frustrated. When you are proud, you need to be sober, there are too many people in this world who are better than yourself,

要記得自己的渺小;失意時不退縮, 堅持下去:過去是怎樣走過來的, 現在就怎樣走過去。
remember your own insignificance; Don't be discouraged when you're frustrated, stick to it: Continue to move forward just like the way that brought you to this point

關於親人: 親人只有一次緣分, 這輩子, 即使無法與你一路伴行, 但在風雨交加的時候, 總會想著為你遮風擋雨一程!
About loved ones: Relatives have only one fate, in this life, and even can't company you all the way, but when you encounter wind and rain in life, they will always help shelter you from the wind and rain!

即使無能與你一路並肩作戰, 但在艱難險阻的時候, 總會想著與你一同分擔苦痛!
Even though they may not be able to fight alongside with you, when you are in trouble, they will always willing to share the pain with you!

結論: Conclusion

Build a Tao family, starting with self-cultivation and moral cultivation.

Families can live the practice Tao, which is the best place to practice.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness, and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.