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An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth, clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard.

(4)認理實修 Practice according to truth.

If one does not understand, it is likely their actions will not fit the way of Tao. How to respect the elders?

And how do we to promote the younger generation forward? But even if we accomplished the above two points, if we do not act according to reason and principles

Despite respecting elders and supporting the youth, it will not be according to the way of Tao.

如果不是以清靜的心來辦事,就算 做了很多事情,表面上看起來好像功德很大,
If we do not have a calm attitude in doing things, no matter how much we have accomplished, or merit accumulated,

In the end, it would be considered as "limited blessing", where one remains within the reincarnation cycle, in the three-circle realms (samsara).

反過來講,你是用清靜的心來替天 辦事,雖然你只負責打毛巾、端茶水,
On the other hand, you are using a calm heart to do things for heaven, although you are only responsible for towels, tea,

只是打掃佛堂、做個無畏施來煮個 飯,但是你只要用清靜的心,就能夠契入大道,真正達到超生了死的境界。
You're just cleaning the Buddhist hall and cooking for others; but with a peaceful heart, you can get into the Tao and reach the realm of escape the cycle of life and death.

自己的理念正確就倒不了,所以賢 徒引導眾生的主要關鍵,就是給眾生一個正確的理念、遵循的方法;
As long as your motives are right, you won't fail. So, the main key to guiding all beings is to give all beings a correct idea and a way to follow.

你沒有給他正確的理念,他就無法 瞭解修道的意義在何處!心不正,身如何正?
If you don't give him the right idea, he can't understand what the meaning of the practicing Tao is! How can the act be positive when the heart is not honest?

The three realms of reincarnation.

The three realms refer to the desire realm, the color realm and the colorless realm.

The Three Realms are the living places of the sentient beings in the reincarnation of life and death, so the Three Realms are also called the sea of suffering.

由於在三界中還有生死,所以只有跳出三界外,才能通向涅槃之路,修行的 目的就是超越三界。
Since there is still life and death in the Three Realms, only by escaping out of the Three Realms can the road to Nirvana be reached. The purpose of the practice is to surpass the Three Realms.

All the sentient beings have strong desires such as passion, lust, appetite, etc.

居住在欲界的眾生,從下往上分為地 獄、餓鬼、畜生、人、阿修羅、天道,六種,稱為「六道」。
The living beings living in the desire world are divided into six types from bottom to top, hell, hungry ghosts, beasts, human, asuras, and heaven, called 「six realms 」.

地獄、餓鬼和畜生稱為三惡道; 人、阿修羅和天稱為三善道;
Hell, hungry ghosts and beasts are called three evil paths; human, asura and heaven are called three good paths;

要想升到三界的欲界天道,就要持五戒,修十善,還要加上布施,把自己擁有的 錢財、知道的佛法、自己具有的能力施捨給別人。
If you want to ascend to the Three Realms, it is necessary to uphold the five precepts and practice the ten good deeds, and add alms to give money to others, know the Dharma, and is willing to give to others.

The color realm of the Three Realms is above the desire realm. All the sentient beings in this realm are far away from food and lust but have not yet separated from the physical body.

Since all beings in this world have no appetite and lust, there is no difference between men and women. All beings in this world are born from metamorphosis,

依各自修習禪定之力而分為四層, 即初禪天、二禪天、三禪天和四禪天。
Divided into four layers according to their respective meditation power, Namely, the first zen level, the second zen level, the third zen level, and the fourth zen level.

If you want to ascend to the color realm of the three realms, you must practice the four meditations, the level of a person's meditation state determines his level of rising to the level of the color world in the future.

三界的色界之上就是無色界,無色的眾 生不但沒有情慾、色慾、食慾、淫慾等,而且連物質的身體也沒有了。
Above the color realm of the Three Realms is the colorless realm. The colorless sentient beings not only have no lust, appetite, etc., but also have no physical body.

超越了物質世界的束縛, 得到的是自由狀態。
Beyond the shackles of the material world, we get a free state.

In the colorless world, it is divided into four differences according to the depth of the practice, namely the empty borderless place, the knowledge of the borderless place, the absence of everything, and the non-thinking.

要想升到三界的無色界,要修習四種 空定,超越色界和無色界的修習是四禪八定。
If you want to ascend to the colorless world of the three realms, you need to practice four kinds of meditation. The practice beyond the realm of color and the realm of colorlessness is four meditations and eight samadhis.

Merit and Blessings.

Blessings have their limitations, for example, one with longevity may not be rich and wealthy, and the powerful may not necessarily be rich;

你可能子孫滿堂卻終身貧困,或者才高八斗而處處碰壁。 功德,則非侷限非不侷限。
you may be full of children and grandchildren, but you may be poor all your life, or you have a lot of knowledge, but everything goes wrong. Merit, not limited but not limited.

有福報不一定有功德,若執取福報, 則難獲功德。
Blessings are not necessarily merits, and if one insists on obtaining them, it is difficult to achieve merits.

有功德也不一定有福報,但有功德者 不會執取,福報便於累世中逐漸 隨應。
Merit is not necessarily a blessing, but those with merit will not take it, and the blessing will facilitate the gradual follow-up throughout the world.

福德,是人的智慧和健康; 福報,是人的富有和緣分。 如果人福德良好,一生有智慧又健康。
Blessing is human wisdom and health; blessing is human wealth and fate. If the person is good, he will be wise and healthy all his life.

If good and evil are mixed, it is like poor health and lack of wisdom, but it can survive.

所以我們經常看到有些人到了一定的 程度,就變成痴呆的人了,這種就叫做 福德減分。一直到生命報廢,叫做果報圓滿。
Therefore, we often see that some people become demented when they reach a certain level. This is called deduction of merit. Until life is scrapped, it is called fruitfulness.

結論 Conclusion

頓超三界,才是修行的根本。 認理,才是引導眾生的關鍵。
It is the foundation of spiritual practice to surpass the three realms. Recognizing truth is the key to guiding all beings.

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