An Dong Maitreya Hill morning lesson

A guide on Sutra recitation

Meditate for 3 minutes ,regulate your breathing, focus on your mind

Eye focus on the sutra, finger points on the sutra, recite the sutra, listen to the sutra, mind concentration, breath naturally and unhurriedly.

Sutra begins in your heart, clearly and peacefully

Sutra passes your eyes, with clarity

Sutra comes out from your mouth , clear words and sound

Sutra enter your ears , clearly

Sutra enter your conscience, and clearly heard .

第七、第八考: 管好自己的「當下一念」了嗎?1
Question 7 and 8:  Take care of your " thoughts of the moment"? (1)

One day I went up the hill to pick herbs, dug for a while, and even dug up a piece of gold.

In our time, there were no vaults, strongboxes, and password locks like you, unlike you are now,

We're just looking for a place to dig a hole and bury the nuggets and make a secret mark to remember that we're hiding the treasure there.

以前吾挖到一塊黃金握在手上,金的是金,黃的是黃,不義之財勿取, 丟回去掩上。
Before I dug up a piece of gold in the hand, is clear lying unrefined gold, but I won't take it for the ill-gotten gains, I'll bury it back.

And then guess what? I went to the market. Learn to be a fairy! We also had learned the ability of stability and calm from these skills and processes.

Dance with a sword, practice calligraphy, and through practicing we calm our heart.

I went to the street to buy a copper inkstone, and when I got home, I found, " Wow, it's not made of copper, it's made of gold."

Turns out, it is a gold inkstone! I thought to myself: " No, no, take it back!"

好不好啊?讓你們買到一個好貨,這個佛堂最好用,拿到佛堂用, 是這樣嗎?
This result is great! You bought a really good one, good value for money; this is the best use in the Buddhist temple, get to the temple for use, and is that right?

Wouldn't you? You'll leave good things at home and take the old goods to the Buddha's temple, won't you?

當你們得到的是不義之財也好、來路不明的物品也好,你怎麼處理? 完全看你們的心了。
What will you do when you get ill-gotten gains and unexplained items? It's all about your state of mind.

Have you picked up the money on the ground before, and fear of others to find out, so quickly fled the scene,

Don't let anyone find out you've been there, or show others that you've done bending around that place?

Is it afraid of your heart? What's the difference between fear and theft? All care about one heart, the environment in which you are now practicing,

In the course, you can hear the truth, but also to apply to your life. Life is the Tao, the right track, do not deviate from Tao.

Buddhist Story - Princess Palm Fist.

某日,佛陀帶領眾比丘入王舍城托缽乞食, 在小巷中看到二個小孩正蹲在地上玩沙,
One day, the Buddha led the bhikkhus to the king's house to beg for food, Seeing two children squatting on the ground playing sand in the alley,

其中一位名「德勝」,另一位名「無勝」。 他們天真地將沙子堆成城堡、房屋、倉儲,
One is called"Testing" and the other is   Wusheng". They naively piled the sand into castles, houses, warehouses,

And use the sand grains as dry food such as rice and wheat and place them in the warehouse.

相好莊嚴的佛陀金光遍照整個王舍城, 當他們見到佛陀, 不禁生起恭敬之心,
The golden light of  the good- looking  and solemn Buddha  shines through  the entire city of Wangshe,  when  they saw the Buddha, they became respectful.

德勝歡喜地捧著當作米、麥的沙粒供養世尊,並且發願:我未來亦將廣修供養, 遍於天地。
Desheng  happily held  the grain of rice and wheat  to support  the world respect  and made a vow: In the future, I will also repair extensively and provide support everywhere in  the world.

德勝此一善根及發願功德, 佛涅槃百年後即於閻浮提作轉輪聖王, 名「阿育王」,以正法治理世間。
Desheng's good  cause  and motive merit,one hundred  years  after Buddha's Nirvana, the boy became the holy  king in Jambudvipa,named "Asoka",  and governing the world with Dhamma.

當時,宮裡有一婢女, 貧窮卑賤, 見阿育王經常舉辦齋僧大會,
At  that  time,  there  was a  maid in  the palace,  poor  and humble, seeing that Ashoka often held conferences for fasting monks,

自悔無福:國王過去生因供養佛一掬土的緣故, 今世大富大貴;
she confessed that she had no blessings: The king was wealthy in the past because he offered to worship the earth.

不僅如此, 今生又不斷供僧修福, 將來果報一定更為轉勝。
Not only  this,  in this life, he continues to provide monks  with blessings, in the future, but the karma will also definitely be more successful.

我因過去生的罪業, 所以今世貧窮卑賤, 又因貧窮無力修福,
Because  of the  sin karma I made in the past, I  am poor and humble in this world, and because poverty is incapable of healing,

將來一定更為貧困, 哪裡會有解脫? 一想到此, 便難過地哭了起來。
it  will  definitely be poorer in the future, where can there be a relief?" She thought of this and wept

法會結束後, 這名婢女掃地時撿到一枚銅錢, 把握殊勝因緣, 歡喜將僅有的一枚銅錢供養法師。
After the ritual,The maid picked up one  copper  coin when sweeping the floor, she grasps the special cause, happy to support  the mage with only one copper coin.

過了不久, 婢女突然因病命終, 投生至阿育王夫人的腹中, 生為一端正殊妙、舉世無雙的女子。
Soon after, the maid  died suddenly  of illness,  born  into the belly of Mrs. Ashoka,  born as  a beautiful  and unparalleled woman.

日子一天天過去, 公主漸漸長大, 但是她的右手總是緊握著拳頭。
Days passed, the princess grew up, but her right hand always clenched her fist.

公主五歲時, 夫人告訴阿育王這個異相, 阿育王聽了便將公主抱到膝上, 撫視她的右手。
When the princess was five years old, the wife told Asoka this difference, when Ashoka heard it, he held the princess on his lap and looked at her right hand.

沒想到, 原本抓緊的右手自動張開, 掌中有一金錢,並且隨取隨有、無窮無盡,須臾間金錢就充滿了屋內。
Unexpectedly,  the right hand that had been  held tight automatically opened, there is money in the palm and it is always available, endless, money-filled the  house in  a short period of time.

阿育王覺得非常奇怪, 即前去請示耶奢羅漢上座,問:「這個女孩過去生以何因緣, 而能感得如此殊勝的果報?」
Asoka felt very strange, so he went to ask Yeshe Luo Han and asked:What is the cause of this girl's past, and she  can get such rewarding karma?"

上座回答:「這個女孩過去是宮裡的婢女, 雖然貧窮卑賤, 仍希望能供僧修福。
Answer from the Luo  Han:「This girl used to be a maid in the palace. Although she  was poor and humble, she still hoped that it  would be available for monks.

一天, 她在掃地時拾獲一枚銅錢, 便將此錢供養僧眾, 因為虔心供僧的功德,
One day, she picked  up a copper coin while sweeping the floor, and used the money to support the monks, Because  of the  devotion to offering monks,

命終後投生於王室,為國王女, 手中恆握一枚金錢,取之無盡。」
after she died, she  was born into the royal  family, the king's daughter, holding a piece of money in her hand, which was endless."


每一個善良的念頭, 能讓自我內心凡塵不染。每一次善良的幫助,能讓你我的心充滿陽光。
Every kind of thought can keep my heart clean. Every  kind  help can make you and my heart full of sunshine.

對不起 請原諒我
I am sorry ,please forgive me

謝謝你 我愛你
Thank you and I love you

Grateful for your advice

Happiness is with those who have a contented heart.

Good fortune, happiness and contentment in life are with those who are always grateful.

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